Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Momma, I'm Sick

Abby called me yesterday morning asking what she should do because she was pretty sure she had a UTI.  I told her to go to the Student Health Center.  She called me when she got there because she was concerned that she didn't have the student health insurance.  I explained that all fulltime students have it as part of tuition and fees.  When she was done with her appointment she called to tell me she must not have the insurance because they were billing her account for $37.  I explained that was the charge for the 2 scripts they filled and the urine test.  She said she was feeling better last night. 


  1. Aww poor girl! I've had a UTI... Not fun.

  2. She gets them way too often (I think it's from her choice of undies). Her last one was about 6 months ago. Usually she is just uncomfortable and has blood in her urine. This time she was in a lot of pain, but she hadn't seen any blood.


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