Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Momma, I'm Sick

Abby called me yesterday morning asking what she should do because she was pretty sure she had a UTI.  I told her to go to the Student Health Center.  She called me when she got there because she was concerned that she didn't have the student health insurance.  I explained that all fulltime students have it as part of tuition and fees.  When she was done with her appointment she called to tell me she must not have the insurance because they were billing her account for $37.  I explained that was the charge for the 2 scripts they filled and the urine test.  She said she was feeling better last night. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Been a Week

So... it's been a week since move in day at Abby's college (NMSU).

Sunday, August 15 - Move in Day
Move in went pretty smoothly. We were able to leave home close to the time that I had planned (8 a.m.). Abby drove my car and her boyfriend Connor came along to help and my friend Angie was kind enough to go with us so that we could use her truck and I rode with her. The drive is just over an hour.

When we got to the parking lot of her residence hall they had campus police directing traffic and upper class men filling out parking passes for you to put on your dash. They give you 45 minutes to unload and then you drove your car over to a parking lot and took a shuttle back to the residence hall to get your things unpacked. We got everything out of the truck first and Angie drove over to the parking lot and took the shuttle back to the housing area and when we got the car unloaded I drove to the parking lot and took Angie to her truck so she could head back to Alamogordo. Connor and I worked on helping Abby put the big things where she wanted them, then we measured for extension cords and a curtain rod.

We went to DQ for lunch and Connor's mom picked him up there as she was in Las Cruces anyway with his sister shopping at the mall.

Abby and I then hit Target and Home Depot for the things she still needed and of course for extension cords. If they don't want the residents to use extension cords (it's a fire hazard) they need to put in more outlets. Oh and as it's a loft bed we had to buy her a stepladder to get into bed. There is a "ladder" at the end of the bed, but the way she wanted to set everything up prevents access to the end of the bed. We returned to her dorm room and decided to take a nap.

After a couple of hours rest we went back to setting things up and found out that the new microwave did not work. And guess where the microwave box was... yep in the dumpster and probably already carted off as the trash trucks had come by a couple of times. I will have to deal with Walmart.com about this. We went to Wendy's to pick up some supper and then returned to the dorm and I set up her internet, cable TV, and put holes in the wall hanging up the curtain rod (oh no, don't tell on me). I stayed the night in her dorm, slept on the floor.

The next morning we took care of buying books (because I work at the B&N college bookstore in Alamogordo she saved her 20% on her textbooks). She had lunch with a friend and I had Chinese take out. We went to Walmart for a few more things and then I headed home.

Thursday, August 19 - First Day of Classes
Abby's Facebook status says something like her "brain is going to explode from music nerdiness" (she's a music major). I call her that night and she tells me she doesn't really want to be there (I know she'd prefer to become a hermit, stay home and sleep all the time). Later she calls to tell me her friend will be coming home for the weekend and if she comes home would I be able to take her back to school on Sunday. Of course I would!

Friday, August 20 -
She gets home in the late afternoon (the dogs are sure glad to see her) and shows me all the books and music she needs me to order for her. Yay for mom!!

Saturday, August 21 - She commandeers my car!
She goes for a haircut, visits with friends, and I order her books and music. I go to Walmart late at night to get her a printer and my debit card is declined. OMG, what's up with that!?! So I write a check. I find out that the music I was ordering online was charged to my account 10X. There was a problem while I was ordering saying that the address did not match the credit card information (the bank has my zip code wrong)and the transaction could not be completed, but each time I tried it I apparently was charged! I will have to get up early on Monday to deal with the bank and the music store.

Sunday, August 22 - Back to School
We went to Walmart so she could pick up some snacks and get some school supplies and then we headed to Las Cruces. We took all the things to her room and then headed to the dining hall. I was going to eat dinner with her and her friend. Of course my debit card did not work because I am over my daily limit because of the mistaken purchase of $742 worth of music and books! I had eaten with her there at orientation and it was about $6 but that was lunch and dinner is more and I was short $.34. So... no dinner for me. I told her good bye and headed back to Alamogordo.

Oh! And I'm sure you're asking yourself (or maybe not), what about the roommate? She is a no show! The dorm rooms are bigger in that hall so there is a waiting list to get in and they will probably have her a roommate tomorrow if someone wants to take the time and energy to move all her things to a new dorm and I'm sure someone will. I hope it's a good fit. She actually likes her suitemates (they are next door and share the bathroom between the two rooms). They are very helpful and nice. They have tried to help her with the mystery of the smelly room. I'm pretty sure the smell is coming from her cooler and maintenance will be checking on it. They also kept an eye on her room in case the roommate finally showed up.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got Her Moved to College

The worst thing was that her camera battery was dead so I have no pictures for the scrapbook!!

I'm really tired so I will write a post later about the whole experience.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Here

Well, I do need to go to sleep for a few hours, but as it is Sunday, Moving Day is here.
Wish me luck... that we get it all there safely and everyone survives.
I may stay the night in her room, depends on how long it takes us to get everything done.  She wants me to hang the curtains I made for her room when we lived in Farmington so that will mean a trip to the store for a curtain rod.  I did remember to pack a few tools.  We will also need to make a trip to WM or Target for tubs and baskets to organize everything.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She has a lot to learn...

So last night Abby asks me what her work study money can be used for.  I tell her it's for her personal expenses/necessities.  She asks if she has to use it to pay money she owes to the college.  I tell her she'll have to pay for her books that she charges but shouldn't have to pay for anything else (the rest is covered by her grants and scholarships.   I remind her that she will also have to pay for her cell phone, car insurance and car expenses.  I'm pretty sure she is trying to figure out how she will finish paying for the tattoo work she's having done.  We both know she is not good with money so her funds are going into my account and then I will transfer money to her account.   We'll see how that goes.

4 more days until moving day.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Week to Go

Well, we're now down to one week before Operation Move Abby to NMSU takes place.  I've spent this weekend doing more shopping for items we still have on the list, getting all the bedding wahed, and getting supplies packed into laundry baskets, hampers and crates.

Still not sure how I will feel this time next week. I'm so excited for her, and at the same time worried about how she will adjust, but, the fact that she's only going to be 70 miles away is very comforting.  I'm not sure how I feel about being alone.  Even though I'm a single mom I never had to give her up for summer visitation or weekend visits (that's a whole 'nother story). 

I'll get back with you next week and let you know how it all turns out.